After Endodontic Treatment in Solon, OH

After Endodontic Treatment in Solon, OH

Endodontic Treatment Has Now Been Completed!

The root canal system has been permanently sealed. However, the outer surface is sealed with a temporary restoration. A follow-up restoration must be placed to protect your tooth against fracture and decay. Please telephone your restorative dentist for an appointment. A complete report of treatment will be sent to your restorative dentist. Included in your treatment is a follow-up examination to evaluate the progress of healing. This appointment will require only a few minutes and no additional fee will be charged for the first check-up visit in Solon, OH. Please call for an appointment within three weeks of completing treatment.

Your tooth is more prone to fracture immediately after an endodontic treatment. You should chew on the other side until your restorative dentist has placed a core build-up and a protective restoration, usually a dental crown. If your tooth’s strength is seriously compromised, your endodontist or restorative dentist may place a post and core build-up inside the tooth. Your restorative dentist and Dr. Myers in Solon, OH will determine the appropriate restoration to best protect your tooth.

Post Operative Instructions for Endodontic Treatment/Retreatment in Solon, OH

Post Operative Instructions for Endodontic Treatment/Retreatment

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Home Care Instructions

Following an endodontic treatment in Solon, OH, your tooth and the surrounding gum tissue may be slightly tender for several days as a result of manipulation during treatment, and due to the previous condition of your tooth. This tenderness is normal and is not a cause for alarm.

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