Regenerative Endodontics in Solon, OH

Regenerative endodontics is one of the most exciting developments in dentistry today! Regenerative endodontics near Solon, OH uses the concept of tissue engineering to restore the root canals to a healthy state, allowing for continued development of the root and surrounding tissue.

Teeth with incomplete root development have short roots with thin walls, which compromises their longevity. Through regenerative therapy, Dr. Myers in Solon, OH can facilitate root development in previously immature teeth with necrotic pulps. This is a significant benefit over conventional root canal treatment and especially valuable for young patients, as teeth preservation is critical to their skeletal and dental development.

Regenerative Endodontics Article in Solon, OH

AAE Clinical Considerations for a Regenerative Procedure

Regenerative Endodontics Article in Solon, OH

Regenerative Endodontics

Regenerative Endodontics Article in Solon, OH

Scope of Endodontics: Regenerative Endodontics

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